Why use CommForms?

CommForms helps you to communicate better and more efficiently with your clients.



Let your clients send you their service requests securely via encrypted emails
CommForms are Senior Friendly

Senior Friendly

All forms designed with simplicity of use in mind
Bold, easy to read and accessible secure online forms.
CommForms are Senior Friendly

24 / 7

CommForms lets your clients and their caregivers send you their service request on their time.


Staff spend less time on the phone and less time doing repetitive administrative tasks thus saving you money.

Anywhere at anytime on any device!

CommForms lets your clients send you their service requests from anywhere at anytime on any device. Clients and their caregivers no longer have to be limited to making their service requests by phone or in person when your office is open. CommForms gives them the option and freedom to make and send you their service requests whenever they want.

Your office staff will receive your client's service requests in real-time during your working hours and they will find any request made overnight or on the weekend waiting for them in their secure email account as well as being accessible through CommForms secure online portal.


  • Clients can track the status of their requests online, request changes and even cancel their service requests.
  • With the CommForms Portal agency staff can edit, book or cancel these requests and send automated updates to clients reducing the need for confirmation calls.
  • Works on all computer devices and is iPad & Smart-phone friendly
  • Compatible with all web browsers
  • Multilingual Forms
  • Affordable cloud-based software designed specifically for the Canadian Community Support Services Sector
  • 100% Canadian owned Client data never leaves Canada.

Years of experience
in the community support services sector