CommForms - Covid Forms
Mobile Friendly & Easy to Use
Patients can easily book an appointment using their Smartphones without having to wait in long lines or on hold in a call cue.

Real Time Booking & Cancellations
Easy two-click cancellations makes it easy for patients to cancel and immediately frees up availability for others to book online.

CommForms COVID-19 Assessment Centres Online Booking System

CommForms is PHIPA & PIPEDA compliant
Form data is encrypted at rest and in transit

The online booking system consists of two parts, a publicly facing secure online form patients use to book an appointment at a test centre, and the CommForms secure portal which test centre staff use to access the submitted form data.

  • Real-time booking and cancellation features prevent over booking and missed appointments
  • Unified view of all clinics and availabilities on a single form
  • Patients can quickly find the earliest availabilities near them
  • Auto-reply email with an appointment cancellation button
  • All submitted data resides in Canada
Eliminate long wait with CommForms COVID 19 Assessment Centres Online Booking System
Eliminate long wait times at COVID 19 Assessment Centres
Start using CommForms COVID 19 Assessment Centres Online Booking System today and immediately reduce long wait times and patient frustrations.

COVID-19 Forms Available:
  •     Online Test Booking Forms
  •     Contact Tracing Forms
  •     Health Screener Forms
  •    Consent Forms
  •     Vaccination Booking Forms
  •     Let us build a form for you!

The CommForms Portal

Submitted form data is only accessible through our secure CommForms portal.

Portal Features:
  • Staff can view, edit & book patient appointments
  • Staff can easily increase or decrease appointment availability updating the public facing form in real-time
  • Easily release or limit reserved appointments for walk-ins or for front-line health care workers
  • Automated reminder emails to patients reducing the need for confirmation calls or call-backs
  • Detailed analytics generated automatically based on submitted form data
  • Standard & custom reports available can be downloaded in various file formats including CSV, Excel & PDF
Easily track all incoming form submissions through the CommForms Secure Portal